Features of the REDFLAG reusable protection mask

Material: 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane 3D industrial knit fabric
Dimensions: 15 x 29 cm (with elastic), 18 x 15 cm (central part)

Material: 100% polyester
Dimensions: 10 x 12 cmTreatment: HeiQ Viroblock, proven antimicrobial solution based on silver micro-composites and artificial vesicles made of lipids that attack the microbe’s envelope

Advice on the use of REDFLAG protection masks

Recommended mask washing frequency: Daily
Recommended washing temperature: 40°.
Recommended number of filters per person for one month of use: 4

Wash at 40°

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Dry flat

How to use the REDFLAG Leaf filter

Recommended time between each filter change: 1 week

Information on the use of the reusable protective mask

84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane breathing protection mask made of 3D industrial knit, seamless, elastic and stretchable, tear and abrasion resistant.

This protective mask is easy to wear on the face thanks to its elastics that adapt to all sizes. The elastics keep their properties during machine washing.

The face mask is an excellent solution wherever direct contact with others must be avoided. The Swiss made aluminium shaft that can be shaped to the shape of the nose provides maximum adaptability and comfort.

REDFLAG protective masks should only be used with “REDFLAG Leaf” antimicrobial filters. These use the HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 active solution.

Wash or disinfect your hands before any manipulation.

Place the filter in the pocket of the mask with
the writing facing outside.

Ensure that the filter fits correctly and fills the entire space of the pocket.

Hold the mask by the elastic straps and place them over the ears.

Pinch the nose piece and adjust under the chin to ensure that the mask fits properly.

Replacing the disposable filter: change weekly.